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A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.

A ship in the harbor is safe I stumbled into the quote above for the first time and it resonated with me. The original quote seems to be credited to a William G.T. Shedd in the 1800s, but a couple poets seem to have taken his saying and turned it into the anchor points of their poems.

Ships Are Safe in the Harbour

All I live for is now All I stand for is where and how All I wish for are magic moments As I sail through change My resolve remains the same What I chose are magic moments Because ships are safe in the harbour But that is not what ships are made for The mind could stretch much further But it seems that is not what our minds are trained for We call for random order You can't control Mother nature's daughter Ships are safe in the harbour But that is not what ships are built for The witch hunter roams The scary thing is that he's not alone He's trying to down my magic moments As we sail through change Ride the wind of a silent rage And sing laments of magic moments - Anon

Another iteration from the 2000s

A ship is safe in the harbor, But that's not what ships are built for. Because in the sum of our human gleams, We have created the vessel for our dreams. Its purpose: to retrieve the alien shore, To scout, seek, achieve and explore. A ship is meant to fly and fly, To seize the horizon and capture the sky. And the few of us with the intrepidity, To brave the virulent vortex velocity We are the wealthiest of men ever to dream And ever to combat a sea or a stream. And the harbored ships that fritter away, Slowly begin to rot and decay. Never has there been a greater waste of a day, Than that spent harbored, Than those of us who stay. - Gael Attal