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“I’ve never met a harder worker. If I could clone anyone’s heart it would be LP’s.”

– David R.


[two_third_last]Lauren Proctor is a New York City based digital innovation strategist and the President of consulting firm Proctor + Hall. Her company helps businesses increase revenues and exposure with product development (e.g. new websites), marketing initiatives (e.g. social media or branded content), and the incubation of new growth ideas (e.g. building new digital revenue streams). Her team believes strongly in the power of story and data, so behind every great voice and pretty product are actionable metrics that enable more brilliant business decisions.

Lauren started her career as a music publicist and celebrity blog manager while attending the Oxford University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She acquired BA’s in Journalism and English with the intention to become a magazine editor, but saw the rising importance of the web and shifted gears.

In 2008 Lauren packed up, moved and started self-designing an MA curriculum at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies. Her program became one of the first to address the rise of social media in academic studies.

While attending NYU Lauren was hired as the third employee at L2 Think Tank, a firm that helps luxury brands like Neiman Marcus, Gucci, Bergdorf Goodman and dozens of others navigate the digital space. One call led to another and now Lauren’s firm, Proctor + Hall, helps companies across the nation increase revenues and exposure through sound digital strategy, engaging content, and social media programming. Some of her current work includes teaching students to code at New York’s General Assembly, making a data dashboard for YouTube partner company Bedrocket Media Ventures and more.

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New York University
MA | Digital Marketing Innovation

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Journalism B.A. | English B.A

Oxford University, Trinity College
Oxford Merit Scholarship Recipient

General Assembly, New York
TA for 12 Week Full-Time Web Dev Immersive

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Two-Time NCAA Division I ESPN Academic All-American softball player. University of Massachusetts Senior Athlete of the Year.

Former NCAA Division I Columbia University Assistant softball coach.

My strength is finding out what motivates athletes and helping them succeed by playing to their passion.

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Lauren Proctor Resume

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The trouble with me is that I was always interested in everything. When I’m not meeting with clients or serving on panels I’m usually DJing, sailing, exploring New York City’s unknown niches on my fixed gear bicycle, or eating in yet another one of the city’s restaurants. (It would take 41 years, lunch and dinner, to try every food establishment in the city.)

I’m also passionate about reading and subscribe to The New Yorker, Wired, The Economist, and a handful of others religiously. It still feels better to hold the print version of the magazine in my hands, but I am getting some good ebook mileage out of my iPad. I also obsess over my RSS feeds, so if you ever need a good reading list, just ask. I’d love to exchange some recommendations.

Finally, I’m teaching myself to code. For anyone that’s taught themselves to code, you understand what this is like. To everyone else, the process is like solitary sport. It’s easy to pick up a baseball bat (or start html) and get to messing about, but to really master the mechanics takes rigorous practice and repetition. Life itself is so rewarding, but coding, oh coding. I love the art and science of it all.


Why 32?

In the days of early mapmaking the compass rose that indicates North, South, East and West on maps was derived from the 32 directions of the wind.

The explorers that found new lands and founded societies used these winds as guides in the same way that I do today. 32 started as the number I wore on my back for athletic events and quickly became my guiding light for who I am and what I plan to achieve.

And so I bring you LaurenProctor32. I hope you enjoy your time here and beyond.