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Master SEO: Expert Tips To Rank Your Website in 2017

by Lauren Proctor • April 17, 2017

Notes From Neil Patel’s Advanced SEO Summit 2017 Day one of Advanced SEO Summit was packed with useful tips and tricks to ranking websites in 2017 and beyond. We heard from some of the greatest minds in SEO right now, from Brian Dean to Glen Allsopp and a few more. Here are a few of […]

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If Your Bounce Rate is Higher Than 50% You Have a Problem. Here’s How to Fix It For Good

by Lauren Proctor • November 28, 2016

When it comes to web analytics, bounce rate (aka when visitors land on your site and then leave) is a lot like a golf score. The lower it is the happier you are. If you have a normal, well-working website your bounce rate should be below 50%. If you are seeing higher bounce rates your […]

Beware This Brilliant and Sneaky Popup Ad

by Lauren Proctor • November 18, 2016

As per usual, I had 62 tabs open in Chrome, fluttering about from one article to another, following the link trail that is the endless pursuit of knowledge. Tabs have a way of reproducing like that. When they do I tend to get lost in the whimsy of content hurricanes. An article about pre-screening engineering […]

Season 1. Episode 2 – Clothes Folding Robots

by Lauren Proctor • April 8, 2016

0.0 Coordinates. Back from another run on the East River Trail, drinking coconut milk and eating fried tortilla neons* of two varieties. A main entree (or plato fuerte) of Justin’s almond butter and jam spread elegantly over a lightly crisped tortilla followed by nutella and cayenne pepper roasted marshmallows atop a lightly carmelized/sugar-fried tortilla for […]

Season 1. Episode 1 – Don’t Call It a Comeback

by Lauren Proctor • April 5, 2016

Coordinates Home sweet home, editing a content marketing piece completed by my extraordinary new employee, Dor. It rained today and I celebrated with a run along the East River trail. Even though I live alone I still yearn for these jogs of solitude. Nothing beats the experience of bounding down one side of Manhattan (skipping […]

The Patrón on Ice Party

by Lauren Proctor • January 19, 2016

They said winter was coming and we said let’s party.* Ready to add a little extra sparkle to your 2016? Join me and some of my most treasured found-family/friends/loved ones at Patrón on Ice. The evening of Thursday February 4, 2016 will commence with ice skating at the rink just a couple minutes away from […]

Lauren Proctor at The Plaza

I Couldn’t Read Your (Broken) Letters

by Lauren Proctor • November 23, 2015

I knew subconsciously that we were over and so when you sent them in 2014, I couldn’t read your (broken) letters. Today I finally grabbed the courage to read everything at once. I realize now that there’s so much I didn’t see. So many things I didn’t consider. I knew everything and nothing. All about […]

launchfield for starting a company

It All Culminated in This Idea

by Lauren Proctor • September 12, 2015

I believe that in the future more and more people will work for themselves. Many of these indivuals will use the Internet to create location independent businesses. This creates a landscape where anyone can literally work and live anywhere. Some of these people are becoming digital nomads who work while traveling the world. Others just […]

seoul digital nomad

In Seoul: Blown Away

by Lauren Proctor • September 11, 2015

An open letter rooftop hello from my office for the day in Seoul. #seoul #jongno #digitalnomad #nomad #remoteoffice #asia #travelgram #southkorea #korea #coffeeshop #workfromanywhere #office A video posted by laurenproctor32 (@laurenproctor32) on Sep 11, 2015 at 3:39am PDT I realize today that we don’t have much time. Time to look at the mountains, to smell […]