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It All Culminated in This Idea

by Lauren Proctor • September 12, 2015

I believe that in the future more and more people will work for themselves. Many of these indivuals will use the Internet to create location independent businesses. This creates a landscape where anyone can literally work and live anywhere. Some of these people are becoming digital nomads who work while traveling the world. Others just […]

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In Seoul: Blown Away

by Lauren Proctor • September 11, 2015

An open letter rooftop hello from my office for the day in Seoul. #seoul #jongno #digitalnomad #nomad #remoteoffice #asia #travelgram #southkorea #korea #coffeeshop #workfromanywhere #office A video posted by laurenproctor32 (@laurenproctor32) on Sep 11, 2015 at 3:39am PDT I realize today that we don’t have much time. Time to look at the mountains, to smell […]

Day 7 in Seoul: Picturesque in Gangnam

by Lauren Proctor • August 21, 2015

I’m in the most stunning coffeeshop I’ve ever seen. Drinks are 8,500 won, which is about twice the price of a typical coffee shop (e.g. Starbucks or Cafe Bene) in Seoul. For a little extra context, you can get a legitimate meal in most areas of Seoul for 7,000 won. Yet 8,500 for a coffee […]

Seoul Day 1: Crashing Down in Korea and Then Rising Up Again

by Lauren Proctor • August 18, 2015

I arrived in Korea late on Friday night, just in time for a nap and the beginning of New York City’s workday. I could barely keep my eyes open so I took a catnap and woke up just in time to power through some work and a couple phone calls. Nearly a day of travel […]