LP Series

Season 1. Episode 2 – Clothes Folding Robots

by Lauren Proctor • April 8, 2016

0.0 Coordinates. Back from another run on the East River Trail, drinking coconut milk and eating fried tortilla neons* of two varieties. A main entree (or plato fuerte) of Justin’s almond butter and jam spread elegantly over a lightly crisped tortilla followed by nutella and cayenne pepper roasted marshmallows atop a lightly carmelized/sugar-fried tortilla for […]

Season 1. Episode 1 – Don’t Call It a Comeback

by Lauren Proctor • April 5, 2016

Coordinates Home sweet home, editing a content marketing piece completed by my extraordinary new employee, Dor. It rained today and I celebrated with a run along the East River trail. Even though I live alone I still yearn for these jogs of solitude. Nothing beats the experience of bounding down one side of Manhattan (skipping […]