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It All Culminated in This Idea

by Lauren Proctor • September 12, 2015

I believe that in the future more and more people will work for themselves. Many of these indivuals will use the Internet to create location independent businesses. This creates a landscape where anyone can literally work and live anywhere. Some of these people are becoming digital nomads who work while traveling the world. Others just […]

In Progress – August 6 and 7, 2015

by Lauren Proctor • August 6, 2015

Finding old to do lists always feels a little like recovering old fragments of self stuck in time. I’m sure they’re of no interest to anyone else but I’m going to start keeping my tasks here for progress tracking and archival purposes. I like the pressure of transparency and want to look back on these […]

Superflare Prototyping To Do List – August 6, 2015

by Lauren Proctor • August 6, 2015

Software always looks simple from the user’s perspective, but anyone who’s dug in their heels and actually prototyped, you realize that every pixel is a decision. When the product is your baby every pixel is a heartfelt decision and then some. I’ve been working on Superflare for about a year now, and as I head […]