Tenacity for Life

The Patrón on Ice Party

by Lauren Proctor • January 19, 2016

They said winter was coming and we said let’s party.* Ready to add a little extra sparkle to your 2016? Join me and some of my most treasured found-family/friends/loved ones at Patrón on Ice. The evening of Thursday February 4, 2016 will commence with ice skating at the rink just a couple minutes away from […]

Lauren Proctor at The Plaza

I Couldn’t Read Your (Broken) Letters

by Lauren Proctor • November 23, 2015

I knew subconsciously that we were over and so when you sent them in 2014, I couldn’t read your (broken) letters. Today I finally grabbed the courage to read everything at once. I realize now that there’s so much I didn’t see. So many things I didn’t consider. I knew everything and nothing. All about […]

launchfield for starting a company

It All Culminated in This Idea

by Lauren Proctor • September 12, 2015

I believe that in the future more and more people will work for themselves. Many of these indivuals will use the Internet to create location independent businesses. This creates a landscape where anyone can literally work and live anywhere. Some of these people are becoming digital nomads who work while traveling the world. Others just […]

seoul digital nomad

In Seoul: Blown Away

by Lauren Proctor • September 11, 2015

An open letter rooftop hello from my office for the day in Seoul. #seoul #jongno #digitalnomad #nomad #remoteoffice #asia #travelgram #southkorea #korea #coffeeshop #workfromanywhere #office A video posted by laurenproctor32 (@laurenproctor32) on Sep 11, 2015 at 3:39am PDT I realize today that we don’t have much time. Time to look at the mountains, to smell […]

perseid meteor showers

I Saw Shooting Stars Every Time I Was With You in the Night

by Lauren Proctor • August 27, 2015

We met just before the Perseid Meteor showers and I fell in love with you when they peaked. Not long after we met I lost a mother figure. I pulled out my phone when we separated for the night and read the text. All I wanted was you. Somehow you had service even though you […]


by Lauren Proctor • August 19, 2015

Dear The Person Whom I Will Marry, Maybe we get married, maybe we don’t. But you’ll know what I mean by that. Since this is public-facing I guess I’d better make that a little more accurate… Dear The Person Who Will Share With Me a Beloved Infatuation For Life and Each Other. Dear Endlessly Ambitious […]

On Hitting Reset and Becoming a Digital Nomad

by Lauren Proctor • June 13, 2015

A few days ago I wrote what might be my most revealing post yet. If you haven’t read it, feel free to click here and do so. If you prefer the tl;dr version, I’ll give you the gist: Just when I thought I had everything together it all fell apart. Within a matter of weeks […]

A Lesson on Growing Up

by Lauren Proctor • June 11, 2015

At first I thought everything was falling apart (Chinua Achebe style). It started with an audit letter. I’d forgotten to list one of my freelance gigs in my earnings and owed thousands of dollars to the IRS. The next day I received a rent increase. The week after that the startup I was working for […]