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Master SEO: Expert Tips To Rank Your Website in 2017

by Lauren Proctor • April 17, 2017

Notes From Neil Patel’s Advanced SEO Summit 2017 Day one of Advanced SEO Summit was packed with useful tips and tricks to ranking websites in 2017 and beyond. We heard from some of the greatest minds in SEO right now, from Brian Dean to Glen Allsopp and a few more. Here are a few of […]

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If Your Bounce Rate is Higher Than 50% You Have a Problem. Here’s How to Fix It For Good

by Lauren Proctor • November 28, 2016

When it comes to web analytics, bounce rate (aka when visitors land on your site and then leave) is a lot like a golf score. The lower it is the happier you are. If you have a normal, well-working website your bounce rate should be below 50%. If you are seeing higher bounce rates your […]

Beware This Brilliant and Sneaky Popup Ad

by Lauren Proctor • November 18, 2016

As per usual, I had 62 tabs open in Chrome, fluttering about from one article to another, following the link trail that is the endless pursuit of knowledge. Tabs have a way of reproducing like that. When they do I tend to get lost in the whimsy of content hurricanes. An article about pre-screening engineering […]

More On-Site SEO Tips for Beginners

by Lauren Proctor • May 14, 2015

Today we present you with an SEO-related post from Edwin Smith, a Toronto-based expert in the field.  Learning about SEO and how you can optimize your site’s SEO performance is an eternal effort. There are new things to discover as search engines update their algorithms. However, there are also a lot of basics that most […]