Tech News: Every Company is a Tech Company & Airtime Emerges Again

This is just a surface look at the news that interests me right now…

How you know gambling sites make a ton of money off of people
The 100 most expensive keywords in the UK were recently released. Unless these marketing departments don’t mind taking a loss (ha! as if!) this means the average customer value must be insanely high. (This is the part where I halt all current plans and travel off somewhere to make a gambling site.)

Yet another move that says video just won’t quit…
Sean Parker launched his video startup Airtime again. This time, instead of a chatroulette style desktop experience, Airtime is releasing as a live mobile video experience. Call it a cross between Periscope, GroupMe or Snapchat and Facetime.

In a move that says it doesn’t matter what you do or make. Every company these days is a tech company…
DeWalt released a rugged phone designed for construction workers. The phone is built to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures. I wonder why they chose to move into the smartphone business as opposed to focus on making smarter drills. Is it because people expect to keep a drill forever but don’t mind forking out new money on a smartphone every year or so?

Space Colonization Here We Come
Scientists from China developed mouse embryos into blastocysts which means that for all intensive purposes, humans can reproduce in space!

Tubman got the $20. Oh, wait, jk. She’s sharing it.
In yet another “women can’t get equal pay” move, it turns out Harriet Tubman’s takeover of the $20 bill is half-assed (pun intended). That’s right. Jackson’s face will stay on the back of the bill. Regardless of how you feel about Tubman’s legacy being on a bank note, I’m surprised no one has commented on this (at least the publications on my radar).

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