Fancy meeting you here!

Hiya. I’m Lauren Proctor. Some people call me LP. If you want to stay in touch, text me: 

+1 (917) 540-7956

In the business of curiosity…

I’m one of the lucky one’s whose work is play. I’ve been running a digital agency called Storyworlding out of NYC for about a decade. Our team has had the pleasure of working primarily with fashion and luxury brands. We have also helped business like American Express, Virgin Airlines, LOFT, Univision, Fabletics, Jain, BenchMade Modern, and a number of fashion and luxury brands.

I’m adventurous and playful, but in a systematic way. 

Some of my current passion projects include:

  • By Bartenders – Barware and limited edition bottled cocktails by artists and the world’s foremost bartenders. Stay tuned for our November 2020 launch.
  • High Fidelity Artisans – An educational platform and mastermind community to help people build and scale fashion, hospitality, luxury, and lifestyle brands. 
  • Internet Marketing Gold – A private, science-based SEO mastermind community. I’m honored to work everyday alongside Kyle Roof, Ted Kubaitis, and Andrew Steven.