Sony Reveals the Future of Television

Sony Reveals the Future of Television

I found this video of Sony’s 60 second take on the future of television back in April and for now all signs on their prediction accuracy point to dead on.
In this video Sony brings us into a world where the Internet and television have merged. We’re seeing this happen to some extent already, but imagine all the new businesses that will emerge, all the opportunities this creates.

It’s exciting, but also intimidating for brands and their multimedia budgets. Web designers will have to optimize sites for yet another sized screen with another set of rules. Digital marketers have to think about how experiences translate from the mobile on-the-go mentality to couch lounging passivity.

Before television is done transforming it seems almost every second of the media you consume on a screen can be directly linked to a measurable commerce experience. Take the startup Zazum for example. Zazum makes everything you view on TV instantly shoppable. It’s a lot to think about.


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