5 Marketing Musts For Today’s World, From Tina Brown

Here are a few takeaways from Tina Brown's keynote speech: Engaging Customers Where They Are, with Content They Value. 

1. The Daily Beast hasn't spent a dime on advertising.  To me, this is astonishing.  Before we get to Tina Brown's insight on marketing and advertising today, I also think it's worthwhile to mention that The Daily Beast employs all of 35 people (the same amount as MarketingProfs) and that they aim to target major companies as advertisers, offering them integrated program based ads instead of filling their site with banner ads that stop with the exchange of money and impressions.  To them, this is the future of advertising.

2. "Marketing from 2000 feet doesn't work in the environment that we're living in today," Tina Brown says.  A lot of what she says is about reaching people in a way that triggers their emotion.  She's all about reaching people when and where they care in a way that connects to their feelings.

3. It's all about taking a stance and injecting yourself into the debate in a way that's relevant to your company.

4. Passive marketing is no longer desirable.  Instead it's about being inventive, enterprising, and open in the places where you market.  It's reaching people where they are at a time when they are interested.  It's about telling people something in a new kind of way and bringing them into the conversation.

5. "Today you have to engage with the conversation of the culture and the conversation of the news," says Brown.  It's also about being ubiquitous on all channels and keeping your marketing methods versatile.  The days of talking about your brand and having everyone know what you're about are over.  The world today requires  a multi-platform presence with ingenuity and personality. 

About the author: Entrepreneur with ten years of experience running a digital marketing agency out of New York City. I work with startups and brands such as Virgin Airlines, L2 Inc (Gartner), American Express, Fabletics, LOFT, and more. When I’m not helping companies increase their audience and revenues, I love to travel, sail, and read. I also moonlight as a bartender at a classic cocktail bar.

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