Amazon To Launch Tech Blog

If you’re a holdout on the importance of content marketing, perhaps the latest buzz about Amazon will convince you otherwise. According to GigaOm:

The Daily cites unidentified “multiple sources in the Seattle area” who say Amazon plans to launch three blogs: one “designed to compete in the tech news space with websites like Gizmodo and The Verge” that would be “populated with unbiased reviews that would link back to Amazon’s retail site,” one on “film, comics, TV and other geek-related activities” and one on “the emerging market of mobile phone photography apps.”

GigaOm goes onto to ask if this will put a dent in existing tech blog traffic, but the people who should really be worried are the ones who make an affiliate income off of Amazon with simple generic technology and gizmo reviews. Google is already weeding out affiliate sites with sparse content, but what will happen when SEO giant Amazon starts pushing their own content to their own purchase pages? My guess is they’re staging themselves to take an even more significant hold of the e-commerce market, and content marketing is going to help get them there.

Amazon’s move to a tech blog also proves that social media, while crucial, isn’t enough for your brand. No matter how much time people spend on Facebook, only 16% of your fans are seeing your posts. When someone goes to your owned blog you know exactly what content visitors are looking at and don’t have to mess with new profile image sizes and everything else that goes with it. Take a tip from Amazon, start a blog in the niche of the products you sell.

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