An Introduction to Database & Server Query Language

We are living in a high tech world. We have mobile phones, laptops, websites, tablets, etc., and if you take a closer look on them you will find one thing in common. Our devices are powered by data. Data is everywhere, and for storing data we need a database. This article is about Database and SQL, a language for accessing database.

Database in Detail

Database is just a software program similar to Photoshop or MS Office which allows us to store data. In other words, it is like a school bag where kids store their books and notebooks. Data in database are stored in the form of tables. Each database has 100’s of tables and in each table there are be tons of rows (also called records). To access those records we need a programming language. This programming language is SQL.

Database Programs

There are lots of database programs available in the market. They are Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, SQL Server, etc. All these database programs are shareware and some are free for personal use.

Server Query Language

Database needs a programming language to access the data. For this purpose SQL came to being. All the above DB programs support SQL. If you like to learn SQL then take a look at SQL Tutorial. Using SQL we can easily store, retrieve, modify and delete data in the database. SQL also has tons of commands which make our lives easier.

SQL is enough?

Nope. SQL and database is just 50% of computer applications. Another 50% consists of front end programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, PHP. Without the front end, database is useless. If you like to learn C & C++ then take a look at C Tutorial and C++ Tutorial.


Database field is like a gold mine. It has tons of opportunities. Do you know Larry Ellison (founder and CEO of Oracle) is the 4th richest man in the world? If you have good knowledge in SQL and Database, then you can make fortunes. There are lots of wanted for Database excerpts. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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