Apple Sells More iPads Debut Weekend Than iPhones in Their ’07 Debut Weekend


Despite the divided love you/hate you camps on the iPad, sales figures have been nothing but robust.  Apple sold an estimated 300,000 iPads in one day with total weekend estimates at about 700,000.  That beats first weekend sales projections by a landslide, but what’s most interesting to me is the fact that Apple limited sales of the iPhone to 270,000 in its debut weekend in 2007.  

I can’t help but wonder why Apple chose to let their stock supply meet demand in this case but not in the case of the iPhone.  Is it because they wanted to pump out as many iPads as possible, hoping to convince the world (and the hate the iPad camp) that the device would soon reach ubiquity?  Or maybe they underestimated the initial demand for iPhones but got this estimated sales number correct?  Whatever the case, I’d like to know how many iPads Apple thought they would sell debut weekend and hear more about their numbers strategy on the release of both units.  Considering Apple’s secrecy I suppose we’ll never know.

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