As 2012 Rolls Around, Startup Kicks Procrastinators into Gear

We’ve all seen our share of To Do List apps that claim to increase productivity, but I’ve never seen one as effective (or cruel), as this one.
Aherk promises to post an embarrassing photo of yourself if you don’t complete a goal you’ve set up for yourself in a given amount of time.

Even worse (or better depending on your perspective), your Facebook friends vote on whether the goal was actually completed so there’s no way out of saving yourself from embarrassment except for to actually complete the goal.

The startup calls the practice “self-blackmailing” and once you hit the submit button on the goal, there’s no turning back. The only real cop-out is to submit a “bomb” (the company’s name for the image that will be uploaded if you don’t complete a goal) that isn’t really incriminating. Even if you did decide to upload a regular ole’ photo, the voting mechanism does reveal your failure to complete the goal.

Pretty genius if you ask me.

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