Best Reads & the Endless Possibilities of Our Future

Best Reads & the Endless Possibilities of Our Future

It’s been a little quiet here, and for that I apologize. It’s time for me to get back into writing shape. Until then, I plan to write periodic updates of the best things I’ve read and seen across the web. Enjoy and feel free to reach out

Interesting News

Who ‘wooda’ thought? Ikea uses 1% of the world’s wood supply each year. Imagine how much wood they’d use if their products weren’t actually hollow – (Daily Mail)

Thought Garmin went out of business? Nope, they’re still around and apparently they’re innovating. This summer the company is releasing a navigation device (complete with film you put on your windshield) that projects directions onto your windshield. – (Garmin Blog)

Here’s a new hobby you should know about, if only for your own safety. Apparently bullet shortages have led to the new hobby of making your own bullets. These craftsmen are calling the hobby ‘reloading.’ – (NPR)

Cool Design Links and Tangibles

What has me so excited I can hardly think straight. Now you can turn anything into a drone. (Jasper Loenen DIY)

You’ve probably heard of Reddit’s Explain Like I’m Five, but have you heard of Sketchplanations? Perfect for our image riddle world.

If you design websites, you’ve probably seen how webfonts can make all the difference. Get your web font inspiration from webfontscorner. (That’s not a typo, they’re all one word. Or perhaps more fittingly, alloneword.)

A Note Till Next Time

The video below is one of my favorite videos of the week. Everyone loves a stunning portrayal of nature and this video of Niagra Falls delivers. What’s so impressive and powerful for me though, isn’t just the way the bird’s eye view will floor you. It’s how this guy with his quadcopter could be anyone.

It doesn’t take a costly private helicopter ride to get a mind blowing view anymore. In fact, you could fly this copter anywhere and you could make this film. Right now it’ll cost anywhere from $200 to $700 to get a decent coper with a camera, but equipment like this will only become more affordable and accessible in time. When it does, it will broaden our perspective in ways we could never have imagined.

Welcome to the new world. The possibilities are endless.


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