Ship 30 for 30 Coupon

I joined Ship 30 For 30 for the first time in April and fell absolutely in love with the work Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole do to help people become content creators.

I reviewed the month long course-meets-challenge in the video below but if you prefer to read, here are a few things I love about Ship 30 For 30:

  • It’s one of the most organized courses I have ever joined.
  • Dickie and Nicolas know what they’re talking about and they bring incredible guests on board to talk about content creation and online writing.
  • The curriculum is designed so you the most important information quickly. No waste, just jam packed gems so you can focus on becoming successful as quickly as possible.
  • Ship 30 For 30 is motivating (and never crosses over into corny).
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“Personal relationships in food are making a comeback.”

  • What you eat is a signal of your connoisseurship. Purchasing from Laduree does not hold as much social value these days as knowing and buying from an emissary of the macaroon world.
  • The trust of a continued relationship with a conglomerate is not everything anymore.
  • Social ties, social status, and social knowledge are more valuable than impersonal transactions.
  • The success formula of food used to be wide distribution. The playbook has shifted. Brands make money with quality and price instead of distribution.

“The food and drink market is rearranging itself according to the same aspirational lines as fashion or design.”

The backbone of status is social and cultural, not economic.

For years, I’ve kept private lists of phenomenons that got me thinking and made an impact. I’ve noticed lately these scribbled thoughts are becoming part of private conversations I have online, and so I am starting an experiment. I’m going to start sharing these thoughts in my blog.

The result is informal, but I’ll post a few versions of this format before I decide how to proceed. And so we begin with…

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As per usual, I had 62 tabs open in Chrome, fluttering about from one article to another, following the link trail that is the endless pursuit of knowledge. Tabs have a way of reproducing like that. When they do I tend to get lost in the whimsy of content hurricanes.

An article about pre-screening engineering talent paves the way for a blog post about machine learning algorithms and then a Wikipedia page about some theory I know I should know but have to look up just in case someone asks at some point in time.

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