Talk About Your Social Media Marketing Experience & Get Featured on the LP32 Blog

Talk About Your Social Media Marketing Experience & Get Featured on the LP32 Blog

It’s been almost two months since I picked up Lauren Proctor 32, and boy, what a two months it’s been. Our traffic has increased 500 percent and at this point the blog alone is generating approximately one serious lead per week. Granted, that’s nowhere near where I’d like to be, but for all practical purposes I would still consider this site to be under construction. If the last couple months have taught me anything, it’s this:
[sws_pullquote_left] As long as you’re working on your passion, you cannot fail. [/sws_pullquote_left]

There’s always more work to be done, but the real reward of keeping a blog and content marketing reveals itself in the people I meet. I’m always shocked and humbled when people take the time out of their busy lives to ask questions and tell me about their experience across digital channels. In honor of those people and in an attempt to highlight the readers who make this blog worthwhile, I’m starting a new Internet marketing series. Here’s how it works:

Every few days I will feature a business person and/or digital marketer who shares with me their experience with online marketing. Sometimes I’ll feature entire interviews, other times I’ll pull out a quote that really resonated with me. Either way, I present you with this series as a thank you.

Want to get featured? Fill out the form below:

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If you have any issues with form submission, please feel free to email me at


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