GNY Presentation Follow Up

Dear GNY Members,
I had a wonderful time engaging with you on Tuesday morning and hope that I was able to leave you with a few new ideas. I have started to compile a list of resources and articles around the conversation we had the other morning but work has gotten away from me and this is far from complete. Consider this the beginning of a collection of resources and check back over the weekend for more complete coverage and thoughts.

I wish you all the best in your pursuits and would be delighted to talk about digital in any capacity in the future. Consider me a resource that you can always call as I am eternally excited about our opportunities in the digital space.

In the meantime I’ll be jazzing everything up for those of you who will be attending the conference in June (which I assure you will be almost as exciting as a conversation about falling in love with robots).

My absolute best,

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The Presentation

Great Blogs To Follow For Everything Digital

Coming Soon

Please check back this weekend for a new post. I hope to have something wonderfully convincing and succinct.  This will include 1. Facts and Figures to Sell Your Institution on Digital and Social and 2. Some Research

PARC’s Plan to Keep the Internet From Crashing
(Dedicated to Every Online Surgeon From Here on Out)

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