Infographic: How Blogs and Social Media Bring in Business

Infographic: How Blogs and Social Media Bring in Business

Excuse the cutesy graphics of this infographic, because content here means everything. At least that’s the message you’ll get in this content marketing case study. In this case an industry analytics blog pulled in ten times more traffic than the brand’s actual corporate website. How is this a good thing?
Blogs and other branded content can be used to build trust and educate the consumer throughout the purchase funnel. Jason Fried thrives on this very principle, as does, as the infographic would indicate, Sigma Marketing. In addition to bringing in high volumes of traffic through social channels, the company shows that direct sales and lead quality are viable measurements for content marketers.

What does this mean for your business? It means measurement is multidimensional, and if you’re outsourcing a social media marketing expert, you should make sure they mention lead generation in their measurement process. You should also quantify other tangibles like traffic growth, search engine rankings, and overall brand sentiment.

After all, a content marketer’s job is to shape the conversation about your brand online.

Infographic Content Marketing ROI


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