Infographic: The Community Manager Report

Infographic: The Community Manager Report

In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day (invented in 2010 by Jeremy Owyang), Social Fresh created their first annual Community Manager Report. With it they released an infographic with some of the firm’s most significant research findings.

For anyone in social media, this is a must see. One in five community managers lives in New York City and 63 percent spend more than 30 hours managing the social media properties for the brand where they work. In other words, social media isn’t that free and aimless marketing channel many people thought it was just a couple years ago.

Community managers require candor, but most of all, they must be able to effectively take on and shape the voice of the brand. Unsurprisingly, the most significant chunk of time spent on the job has everything to do with creating branded content.

Check out the infographic below for more statistics about the profession and check out my social media community manager offering for a chance at hiring your own part-time community manager to handle your social media presence.

Community Manager Infographic 2012


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