Infographics: Pinterest Marketing Heats Up

Pinterest has become social media’s emerging darling, and for good reason. The site that got its roots with midwestern scrapbookers is now attracting a wider demographic and sending a fair amount of traffic to brand sites.
While many marketers are reporting the pinning site generates more traffic to brand sites than LinkedIn or Google+ (but not as much as Facebook), early Pinterest believer Real Simple reports that Pinterest drives more traffic to their site than Facebook.

What does this mean for social media marketers? Sounds like it’s time to get a Pinterest page and start pinning. Here are a few helpful tidbits to keep marketers on point when it comes to pinning.

  1. Pinterest is about People. Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann started the social platform because of a trend he noticed. “People are discovering things through people,” he said in 2010. As a marketer on Pinterest you should give you board a personality. If your brand was a person what would they pin? How would they share? Use that to inspire your strategy on the platform.
  2. Direct People to the Right Links on Your Website. The old adage that you want to reduce the number of clicks a person must take to complete a sale on your website also applies to Pinterest. If you’re selling a blouse, for example, refer users back to the purchase page (or at least a page that gives them context for how they can purchase the product).
  3. Pay Attention to Demographics. Pinterest still has a fashion and scrapbook bent in the United States, but in the UK pinners are males interested in Venture Capital and SEO. Refer to the infographic below and use this to your advantage.
  4. Get Creative. It wasn’t Twitter that invented the hashtag, it was Twitter users. As a social network that’s still evolving, there’s always room for new developments. Refer to the bottom inforgraphic for some ideas on who and how Pinterest is being used and then innovate on the platform yourself.

A Look at the Pinterest Demographic

Pinterest Infographic

Marketing Opportunities on Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing

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