Mastering Good Design

Mastering Good Design

Over the past few years I’ve focused my attention on marketing and the business of attracting attention. I obsessed over the things I could do to build exposure across blogs, Facebook, and across the web. Before long I realized that unless the thing I’m marketing delivers a wow moment for the consumer, then my work is wasted. That’s when I started focusing on engineering, on-site optimization, user experience, and design.

I’m at that stage where I’m reading about process and taking things in piece by piece. If I want to master this arena though, I’m going to need to dig into the details and put more of these principles into action. Today I stumbled into a post by Paul Stamatiou. Paul offers a crash course on design. The short reads he mentions in his article are listed below:

Designing the Web by Mark Boulton

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

Principles of Grouping

Visualizing Fitt’s Law

0to255 – Awesome tool for

Tileables – Patterns

I plan to read each of these, as well as the list of longer reads he includes at the bottom of his post. As I sift through each resource and apply what I’ve learned to create better online experiences I’ll be in touch.


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