Midweek Reads: Inbound Marketing, Facebook Breakups, & Social Search

Midweek Reads: Inbound Marketing, Facebook Breakups, & Social Search

Excellent read with thought provoking points: The six pillars of understanding the psychology of social commerce.
When Facebook first announce the switch to Timeline for pages I thought the date sounded far away. Alas, here we all are, a couple days into Timeline and into April. Where does the time go? In honor of time, here are a few of my favorite recent quick reads:

The 2012 Local Consumer Review Survey is chock full of great statistics to validate digital and social media efforts.

  • 72 percent of customers trust customer reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 65 percent of customers said they read between two and ten reviews to get a sense of a product or business. Just seven percent of customers read more than 20 reviews.

Is social search Facebook’s next frontier?

Finally, in case you the time ever arises when you may need to control a airplane of some kind, the knowledge you decipher from this 9,000 word piece describing the intricacies of every control will most definitely help.

According to Facebook data analysis breakups abound on April 2nd and couples tend to get together around Christmas and Valentines day.


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