Midweek Reads: The Mafia, Gamers, and Bathing Sloths

Midweek Reads: The Mafia, Gamers, and Bathing Sloths

I write to you on an uncharacteristically warm winter day in New York City. I’m almost tempted to take my laptop out to Washington Square park to work, but alas, I remain glued to the computer at my desk. 2012 looks like a promising year with many developments ahead. I hope it feels the same for you.
Now for a few midweek reads:

In the midst of financial crisis, the mafia is lending out $179 billion per year. This makes it the largest financial lender in the country. (Ahram)

The predominate demographic in social gaming matches the people most attracted to slot machines. (AltDevBlogADay)

    • If the rethinking of Internet gambling laws actually pull through and legalize online gambling in the United States, this could make for some very interesting times in gamification.

Cute Overload: Bathing Baby Sloths

Are you serious? This is too cute. It makes sense when you think about it, but I had no idea sloths had such flexible shoulder joints. Watch the sloths bathe, eat hibiscus flowers, and sleep below:


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