More Proof That China is a Whole Different Ballgame

More Proof That China is a Whole Different Ballgame

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of brands expanding into China. Every time we start digging our heels in and talking about how to best penetrate the market digitally I’m humbled and amazed at how different everything is over there.
The conventions of network effects and virality may be universal, but when it comes to platforms and vehicles for seeding a message the differences from here to there are like night and day. Mobile internet connections dominate the country (making mobile optimization extremely important there) and most e-commerce sites accept cash payment on item delivery.

What really trumps me though, is the graph below. IE dominating by a landslide?!?! Someone needs to help China move away from the worst web browser so cutting edge designers and developers can show the emerging superpower how they web should really look.

China Top Web Browsers


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