Off-Page SEO AKA Link Building

SEOThere are various ways to increase the number of visitors to your site. On-page SEO is one of them, but equally important are off-page SEO techniques, and you’ll get to know more about those in this article. Properly implementing them could mean higher sales for your business.
Search engine optimization, and especially link buiding, is tedious, mundane, and a time-suck. You have 2 options. You can take advantage of the SEO services of an expert/agency or learn to implement the techniques yourself.

More people are familiarizing themselves with search engine optimization to learn how SEO can generate high traffic volume but as SEO becomes more intricate, sites with inconsistent SEO efforts drop in the search engine results rankings. As a result, it’s important to know the ins and outs of both on and off-page SEO so you know how to avoid the dreaded drop.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management generally refers to the use of popular social networking sites to create profiles, share content, and ultimately promote your business.


Blogging is an incredibly powerful marketing strategy. It’s easy to set up and execute, but requires proper maintenance. Blogs should boast unique content that’s both engaging and to the point. There are numerous blog promotion techniques, but posting relevant comments is one way to get referrals and traffic. If you’re unsure of how to approach a blog strategy, you can always hire an experienced blogger to manage the work for you.

Discussion Boards

You can also leverage the power of forums and discussion boards to build search engine rankings. In some cases this means joining other popular forums in your niche, but sometimes opting to create your own discussion board is incredibly powerful. Depending on each forum’s rules, sometimes forum signatures can be an excellent method for getting indexed.


When it comes to off-page SEO, there numerous other techniques to achieve high rankings. For example you can reap benefits from submitting your website to the most popular search engines and social bookmarking. Make proper use of the off-page SEO techniques outlined above and you will see more traffic and leads as a result.

About the author: Entrepreneur with ten years of experience running a digital marketing agency out of New York City. I work with startups and brands such as Virgin Airlines, L2 Inc (Gartner), American Express, Fabletics, LOFT, and more. When I’m not helping companies increase their audience and revenues, I love to travel, sail, and read. I also moonlight as a bartender at a classic cocktail bar.

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