One of the Cooler Creative Album Release Marketing Campaigns I’ve Seen

One of the Cooler Creative Album Release Marketing Campaigns I've Seen

This comes straight from a press release I received from the Editors' PR touchpoint:

Editors Hack Google Maps

To celebrate this week's release of their third studio album, In This Light And On This Evening, Editors have created a unique listening experience for their new album by appearing to 'hack' Google Street View.

The experience allows fans to use a version of Google Maps on the Editors website to travel to certain areas of London where the band have hacked in their own custom locations. The new additions consist of some gloriously moody 360 degree images, shot at night. Within each location the user will hear a track from the new album, which was inspired by the mood and magic of London at night. The images feature the band and a group of their fans performing surreal activities, which reportedly have hidden meanings relating to the songs.

The locations are normally unavailable on the regular Street View. Editors modified version of Google Maps allows users to enter into these locations and make the transition from light to dark so fans can explore the band's atmospheric vision of London at night. To access the Map go to:


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