Readings: Mobile Apps, The Nerdocalypse, QR Codes, and Retargeting

Readings: Mobile Apps, The Nerdocalypse, QR Codes, and Retargeting

Phone Wars: Native vs Mobile Apps  Deciding whether to allocate your resources into mobile apps or a mobile web experience is one of the toughest questions in mobile today and it has everything to do with Wired’s recent The Web is Dead, Long Live the Internet.  This is one of the best examinations of the question I’ve seen in a long time, but I can’t help but wonder when we’ll have a more definitive answer.

Should We Listen to Futurists or are They Leading Us to the Nerdocalypse? Ray Kurzweil says we’ll know the answer to that question by 2045. 

QR Codes: Are You Ready for Paper Based Hyperlinks? A solid list of how companies are getting creative and using QR codes to their advantage.

On Retargeting: Fix the Conversation An interesting suggestion on how we could take a tip from Facebook in creating more effective and user friendly retargeting strategies.  My first reaction was, “Genius, but so difficult.”  Turns out TellApart implemented a mockup of John Battelle’s suggestion with in the week.  Amazing.


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