SEO Tip – Efficient Submissions

SEO Tip - Efficient Submissions

Submissions are considered the bread and butter of search engine optimisation, where link building is considered to be breakfast. Link building is one of the most effective ways to gain traffic and web presence because it creates high search engine rankings. This is the reason why link building is still a ubiquitous service offered by SEO companies and SEO consultants.
Link building is composed of several strategies and techniques, most of which have to do with submissions. Submission is a process where an SEO will submit a site, article, or blog to another website in hopes of acquiring a link. The process can be a handful, but it’s important because it helps sites achieve higher search engine rankings, and therefore, more traffic.

So what are you supposed to do if you want your submissions to be efficient? Well you have to focus on two stages; the pre-approval and the submission stage. Pre-approval stage is where you will have to first locate different websites that will accept site, article or blog submissions. Websites that accept site submissions can be categorized into directory sites, social bookmarking sites and social media networks (including microblogging sites).

The former submission type requires the approval of what is called a human editor. The human editor’s job is to visit the website you have submitted to their site and implement a review on whether or not you have submitted the site according to their criteria.

With so many unique requirements, how do SEO’s prioritize to give submissions the most significant impact? One strategy is to target sites with page rank three and above. Then fill out forms as accurately as possible and click submit. Some website directories will require a confirmation from you before the submission is confirmed, so make sure the email you enter is accurate and accessible.

The other types of site submissions on social bookmarking and social media network do require human editors. Instead, the trick of the trade here is proper etiquette.

The next type of submission is through blogging or article submissions. The most common websites that cater to this are ezine websites. To submit articles to article submission sites you must write an article and follow the rules specific to that site.

One major rule in article submission is that every article you submit should be unique and original. If you violate this you risk suspension from submitting articles in the future. To make article or blogging submissions effective you have to create an article that is relevant to your niche. You should also focus on specific anchor text to see SEO benefit.

Following these simple guidelines could bring your website both traffic and conversions.


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