Series: How To Optimize Your Blog or Website for Mobile and iPad

Series: How To Optimize Your Blog or Website for Mobile and iPad

Statistics show that when tablet users settle in and start reading news their usage sessions are on average, 250 percent higher than the typical length of time spent on the iPad. Tablet usage is skyrocketing, and with it comes an increase in the amount of money spent on tablets.
As I watch traffic from tablets (particularly iPads) grow across the sites I manage it feels like everyone should be thinking about how they can optimize their site for multiple screens. How does your site look on smartphones, what is the user experience in the iPad? These are the questions every business owner should be thinking about today.

Even if you aren’t that experienced with code these are questions you don’t have to be afraid to think about. Especially if you use WordPress, the sheer number of responsive design and mobile specific templates is enough to feel overwhelming. Over the coming weeks I’ve be talking a lot about optimizing your website for mobile, so stay tuned for more information.

Part 1: Get Your Website Ready for iPad in Minutes with Onswipe

Coming Soon: Three WordPress Plugins to Get Your Site Ready for Mobile

Coming Soon: What Is Responsive Design?

Coming Soon: The Importance of Mobile Optimized Emails


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