Social Media Steals Marketshare from Search

Social Media Steals Marketshare from Search

In 2011 only 61% of consumers relied on traditional search engines to find websites. In 2004 this number was at 83%. What happened Social media.
Social media’s share of time spent online has been growing at breakneck speed. By August of 2012 Facebook is set to gain 1 billion users and Twitter is adding more than 500,000 users per day. This is happening at the same time that new startups like Path, Color, Pinterest, and dozens of other social networks are recruiting new users like wildfire.

What’s Social Media’s Rise Means for Brands

Social media is so crucial to today’s Internet landscape that search engines are taking social signals into account as they rank pages online. The brands that succeed on the web will be the ones who keep pace with these changes and market to consumers where they are.

Brands need to strategically themselves on online channels where consumers are spending their time. They need to distill their communication points into social media sized sound-bytes designed specifically for sharing.

To see what this means for you or your brand, check out some of my solutions for creating a social media strategy that makes sense for your brand,


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