Someone Should Build This Screenshot App

Someone Should Build This Screenshot App

Like most people who live and create on the web, I’m constantly taking screenshots. I’m in love with the way the Mac lets you capture your entire window floating ever so gracefully over a subtle shadow, but with all the instant filter and photo editing apps out there I’m wondering why no one has taken the screenshot a step further.

When I say further, I’m not talking annotations and add-ons. I know those apps already exist (and I use them quite often). What I want is a solution that lets you snap a picture and (depending on size) instantly drop it into an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. Point, snap, select and BAM, you’ve got yourself a beautifully framed browser window sitting in your computer of choice.

Of course it’s already possible to do this in Photoshop, but it takes a bit of effort. As a culture of creators constantly searching for optimization across every facet of our lives, I’m surprised this doesn’t already exist. Or maybe it does and I have yet to come across it.

If you make this app, already know of something like this that exists, or want to partner up and build this together, (drop me a tweet] and we’ll change screenshots forever.


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