Sunday Afternoon Reads and What It Feels Like to Truly Live

A case study proves that when it comes to conversion rates, good copy is more important than great design. How much more important? The A/B testing site with good writing boasted a conversion rate that was 14% better than the well designed website.
If Google can be used to predict flu related hospital visits, what else is possible? Everyone’s talking constantly about using Twitter to predict Oscar winners or moves in the stock market, but Google is just as interesting.

A great discussion on Hacker News about how entrepreneurs and programmers think about problem solving and ideas. (As an aside, if you’re serious about tech, programming, and or emerging businesses the Hacker News feed is a must read.)

There are also business schools that offer classes in entrepreneurship, programming, and evolving business ideas.

The shocking truth about how web graphics increase conversions is a great, detailed article about what gets read, what doesn’t, and how an image can make or break your page.

Some analysts claim the Facebook gaming boom is fizzling out with increased competition, more barriers to entry, and the total volume of users stagnating. Do you think the Facebook games honeymoon is ending?

To Stop You In Your Tracks

There are few things in this world wide web that stop me in my tracks these days, but every now again I stumble on gem that changes everything. Something about the way the light plays with the snow on solitude of a perfect mountain. Something about how when this person is treading down a mountain it all feels like flying. To me this video encapsulates not just what it feels like to be alive, but what it feels like to truly live.

Jacob Sutton’s L.E.D. Surfer on

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