The Website Makeover Itch

The Website Makeover Itch

In it’s current form this website took me from student to consultant and entrepreneur. It brought me business, and in turn, helped form incredible connections. Like lyrics that stop you in your tracks, this website feels like a part of me.

But life moves fast. So fast I can hardly believe it’s Sunday. So fast I can’t wrap my heard around the fact that it’s almost the Christmas and I’m almost another year older. In some ways everything feels exactly the same. New York still takes my breath away and I’m reading every spare moment I get.

But like that favorite song with that favorite lyric that doesn’t play on the radio anymore, my current website feels a little like a part of the past. My about page is expired, my press page still doesn’t exist, and I feel in a lot of ways it’s time for a complete redesign.

I don’t know if it’s normal to be so attached to something you put so much care into creating, but boy I’ve come to love and appreciate this website. If you compare my site to a car though, I’ve probably far exceeded 150,000 miles.

That’s why I’m keeping my eyes peeled, taking notes on the sites that catch my eye. On one side I’m obsessed with transparency, curtain.js, and the features that make sites look flashy. On the other side I yearn for minimalism in its purest form. Huge, beautifully formatted text you could read on the screen all day. When I decide what those opposing forces mean for my new website, I’ll set to work and share the results with the world.

Get ready, because when that happens we’ll embark together on things we can’t even imagine.


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