Top Social Media Marketing Resources – A Curated List

Looking for the best of the best in social media marketing resources?  Let this dynamic top list be your must read guide.  If you notice any omissions please feel free to submit an add request in the comments and I’ll consider adding your addition to the list.


All FacebookRSS Feed

  • The title says everything.  All Facebook is a one-stop shop for all updates related to the social media darling.  The tone can be a bit snarky at times, but overall the coverage is quite complete.


Column FiveRSS Feed

  • Not all of Column Five’s content is marketing related, but it’s all infographics, which is a beautiful, beautiful thing for sharing and getting retweeted.


  • eConsultancy is a longtime favorite.  The articles you get here are a little longer than your typical social media resource, but this is a blog that does an excellent job of offering an intelligent perspective on trends, meaning, and the industry as a whole.


Hacker News – RSS Feed

  • Hacker News is a Y Combinator community made up of the smartest coders, entrepreneurs and others I know.  There will be a ton of content that will flow from this feed, but some of it will be the best stuff you read on the internet.


Inbound.orgRSS Feed

  • This is another community curated site that’s heavy on content frequency but high in value.  Founded by Dharmesh Shah and Rand Fishkin, this site has a healthy dose of SEO related content as well as a few great posts about website optimization and usability.


  • Jeff Bullas has emerged from the blogging fold as one of Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers and a respected source in actionable social media advice and content.  If you’re looking for one read to teach you the ropes, this might be one of the most targeted and concise resources on the net.


Kissmetrics – RSS Feed
  • Kissmetrics is a customer analytics software whose ascent (in my opinion) is all about eating their own dog food.  When it comes to case studies on optimizing for conversions, this blog is a must read.


  • For all practical purposes this blog is only about a month old, but it’s growing quickly and starting to find a home straddling the line between research and analysis and actionable content to help social media marketers increase revenues and exposure across digital channels.


  • Marketing Land is a comprehensive resource on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and everything content marketing.  This site doesn’t spit out a ton of original reporting, but the short, catchy articles do a nice job of summarizing the entire industry’s news.


  • SplatF is a self-publishing experiment from technology writer Dan Frommer.  It’s not all about social media but the topics he covers are still highly relevant and no one slices and dices data as elegantly as Frommer.


  • Don’t let the name fool you, because although Social Commerce Today does talk a lot about social commerce, their content reaches far  beyond purchasing on social platforms.  This thought provoking blog doesn’t just report on what’s going on in the industry, it also offers some insight on what everything actually means.


  • Social Media Today delivers a slew of curated social media content from the best thinkers across the web.  This is a great place to go if you want to know what influencers in the field are thinking about right now.




  • This visually stunning experience is not only an exercise in content marketing design, but also an excellent guide for explaining why digital competence is imperative to businesses today.

Which social media marketing resources am I missing?  Let me know in the comments and we’ll add the best ones to the permanent list.

About the author: Entrepreneur with ten years of experience running a digital marketing agency out of New York City. I work with startups and brands such as Virgin Airlines, L2 Inc (Gartner), American Express, Fabletics, LOFT, and more. When I’m not helping companies increase their audience and revenues, I love to travel, sail, and read. I also moonlight as a bartender at a classic cocktail bar.

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