They’re Even Talking About Us In Space

Yesterday L2 Think Tank released the first annual Digital IQ Index, Public Sector study in partnership with George Washington University. This study follows in the footsteps of a half a dozen or so other reports that measure the digital competence of various organizations in multiple industries, and like all the others, our thesis maintains that the organizations who invest in digital today will pull ahead in the future.

NASA topped the charts in the study with a 26 point lead over its second place contender, marking the widest margin between the most digitally savvy organization and its runner up in any industry. The White House and PETA hit the list in second and third place and everyone from CNBC to CNet, NextGov, TechNewsDaily and NationalJournal picked the story up in the first 24 hours. We’re expecting more press in the near future and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of the L2 team.

It has been an exciting past few days but the highest point (no pun intended) was when Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted @L2_ThinkTank from space. That’s right, from space. I don’t even care that it’s geeky, but that was enough to send me to the moon.

Please forgive the blatant self promotion, but If you’re interested in government organizations and/or digital presence at all, this study is worth checking out. One of my favorite graphics below, highlights some of the most followed members of the White House.

This little pop culture gem wasn’t included in the study, and you must forgive me for bringing it up at all, but I couldn’t help but notice that Sarah Palin has almost twice as many followers as Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Quite a world we live in.

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