Weekend Reads: TV, Unstoppable iPads and Social Gamers Who Spend Big Bucks

Weekend Reads: TV, Unstoppable iPads and Social Gamers Who Spend Big Bucks

These days, a 9 percent increase in social media buzz equates to a 1 percent increase in ratings. We’d naturally be inclined to believe this is because people talk about what they like across digital channels, but what if built in engagement could manufacture better ratings for a show? Sounds far fetched until you think about it. After all, we all love feeling like we’re a part of something.
How the iPad will run parellel to Apple’s success with the iPod. Or perhaps more aptly put, why other tablet competitors should be running for the hills.

Roku CEO Andy Wood paints a picture of the oncoming the online TV revolution explains why Hulu restricts some straight-to-TV watching even though the content is available for streaming through Hulu on your computer.

James Somers wrote a thought provoking piece pointing at the crux of why kids can get lost in a pencil but run through toys quickly. Toys are the ultimate letdown, he says, and I haven’t been able to shake his words since. If you think about wonder and invention, this is a must read.

Two percent of gamers support an overwhelming majority of revenue for social games, but Playnomics can help companies find that 2%. The company uses predictive data mining to help gaming companies monetize their platforms to the max.

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