World’s 50 Best Bars of 2019

Most people would say it’s near impossible to pick favorites, but every year 500 experts from around the globe choose the top bars in the world. Their choices become the industry-revered rating that is The World’s 50 Best Bars.

The ranking, which actually publishes the 100 top bars internationally (instead of just 50 as the name would have you believe), is celebrating its eleventh year.

The 2019 list for the World’s Top 50 Bars was announced on October 3rd, 2019 at The Roundhouse performing arts Center in London. If you’re interested in the announcement, you can watch the replay here.

The list is below, as follows. In addition to the ranking itself, I’ve added some commentary on where the bar ranks compared to last year’s 2018 list of Best Bars in the World.

1. Dante, New York

2. Connaught Bar, London

3. Florería Atlántico, Buenos Aires

4. The NoMad, New York

5. American Bar, London

6. The Clumsies, Athens

7. Attaboy, New York

8. Atlas, Singapore

9. The Old Man, Hong Kong

10. Licorería Limantour, Mexico City

11. Manhattan, Singapore

12. Native, Singapore

13. Carnaval, Lima

14. Katana Kitten, New York

15. Guilhotina, São Paulo- Brazil 16. Three Sheets, London

17. Himkok, Oslo

18. High Five, Tokyo

19. Salmón Gurú, Madrid

20. Paradiso, Barcelona

21. Indulge Experimental Bistro, Taipei

22. The Dead Rabbit, New York

23. Coupette, London

24. The SG Club, Tokyo

25. Dr. Stravinsky, Barcelona

26. Employees Only, New York

27. El Copitas, St Petersburg

28. Scout, London

29. Jigger & Pony, Singapore

30. Operation Dagger, Singapore

31. Baba Au Rum, Athens

32. La Factoría, Old San Juan – Puerto Rico

33. Presidente, Buenos Aires

34. Schumann’s, Munich

35. Speak Low, Shanghai

36. Little Red Door, Paris

37. Linje Tio, Stockholm 38. The Old Man, Singapore

39. Lyaness, London

40. Happiness Forgets, London

41. Swift, London

42. Trick Dog, San Francisco

43. Maybe Sammy, Sydney

44. 1930, Milan

45. Sober Company, Shanghai

46. Electric Bing Sutt, Beirut

47. Kwānt, London

48. Artesian, London

49. Coa, Hong Kong

50. Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, Rome

51. SubAstor São Paulo, Brazil
Trending upward. Previous ranking in 2018 was #82.

52. Tayēr + Elementary London, UK
New entry.

53. Lost & Found Nicosia, Cyprus
Trending downward. Was ranked 25 on last year’s 2018 list.

54. The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Thailand
Up from 55 last year in 2018, when it was a new entry.

55. Scarfes Bar London, UK
New Entry.

56. Bar Benfiddich Tokyo, Japan
Down from 49 last year.

57. Two Schmucks Barcelona, Spain
Trending upward. Two Schmucks was ranked #87 in 2018.

58. Candelaria Paris, France
Down from a 42 ranking last year in 2018.

59. Tales & Spirits Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lost rankings. Dropped from #31 on the 2018 list.

60. Tommy’s San Francisco, USA
Lost rank. Last year the Mexican restaurant and bar combo that offers a PhD in tequila came in at #40.

61. 28 HongKong Street Singapore, Singapore
Ranked #34 last year.

62. Zuma Dubai, UAE
Up from the 69th spot in 2018.

63. Buck and Breck Berlin, Germany
Down from #48 on the 2018 list of best bars in the world.

64. Oriole London, UK
Lost rankings. In 2018 Oriole ranked at #17.

65. Hanky Panky Mexico City, Mexico
Up from #98 on the 2018 list.

66. Bulletin Place Sydney, Australia
Up from #75 last year.

67. Sweet Liberty Miami, USA
Down from the 21st spot in 2018.

68. Danico Paris, France
Up from #73 in 2018. Last year the bar was a new entry.

69. Siete Negronis Santiago, Chile
New entry in 2019.

70. Baccano Rome, Italy
New entry.

71. Quinary Hong Kong, China
Down from the 54th spot in 2018.

72. BlackTail New York, USA
Down from #41 in 2018.

73. Central Station Beirut, Lebanon
Trending downward. Last year Central Station was ranked the 27th best bar in the world.

74. Dry Martini Barcelona, Spain
Ranked #59 in 2018.

75. Lobster Bar Hong Kong, China
Down from its rank at #62 in 2018.

76. Long Island Bar New York, USA
Up from the 84th spot on the list last year. In 2018 this bar was a new entry.

77. Panda & Sons Edinburgh, UK
Ranked 61 in 2018, when it was a new entry.

78. Satan’s Whiskers London, UK
This much talked about bar in London is a new entry on the 2019 list.

79. The Baxter Inn Sydney, Australia
Ranked #78 in 2018.

80. Black Pearl Melbourne, Australia
Down from the 30th spot on the Best Bars in the World list in 2018.

81. ABV San Francisco, USA
Ranked #56 in 2018.

82. Drink Kong Rome, Italy
New entry this year.

83. Charles H Seoul, South Korea
Trending downward. Ranked #64 in 2018.

84. Le Syndicat Paris, France
Down from the 24th spot in 2018.

85. Bar Trench Tokyo, Japan
Down from #64 in 2018.

86. Nottingham Forest Milan, Italy
Up from #99 last year.

87. Donovan Bar London, UK
New entry for 2019.

88. Sin+Tax Johannesburg, South Africa
New entry.

89. Bar Orchard Ginza Tokyo, Japan
Down from the 63rd spot on the 2018 list of best bars in the world.

90. Nutmeg & Clove Singapore, Singapore
New entry.

91. Lost Lake Chicago, USA
Down from #50 in 2018.

92. Tropic City Bangkok, Thailand
New entry.

93. The Pontiac Hong Kong, China
New entry.

94. Amor y Amargo New York, USA
Down from #74 in 2018.

95. PS40 Sydney, Australia
New entry.

96. Frank Bar São Paulo, Brazil
Down from the 86th spot in 2018.

97. The Gibson London, UK
Fell from its ranking at #57 last year.

98. Mabel Paris, France
New entry for 2019.

99. Aviary Chicago, USA
Down from its place as the 83rd best bar in the world for 2018.

100. Clover Club New York, USA
This Brooklyn bar is a new entry in 2019.

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